Summer 2013

Week 1: Individual Offensive Improvement

Week 2: 3-Day Shooting School

Mike "The Shotman" Lanza was this week's guest speaker. Coach Lanza's instruction focused on keeping the ball to the outside and positioning for a solid shot, as well as technique critique via video analysis.

Week 3: Team Basketball

Coach Tim Ortelli, formerly of BRHS and now Varsity Coach at Rutgers Prep, is an expert at teaching ball handling and fast-break basketball. Following are some photos and video from Tuesday's session:

Week 4: Basketball Agility Workouts

Coach Gene McAteer leads Thursday's defensive lesson and gets both older and younger campers involved. In many leagues, younger players occupy single positions and play zone; Coach McAteer introduces them to this more advanced, man-to-man arrangment. Those who practice this just might have an edge over their peers...

Week 5: Individual Offensive Improvement

Week 6: Team Basketball

Week 7: Basketball Agility